Why Would You Smoke?

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The ultimate pod system and possibly the ultimate hassle-free vape


XOLO has got it all. Rich vapor volumes, perfect throat hit and, importantly, no dry or burn hits.

Vaping Mantra

The high performance we get from powerful devices, but in a compact size and form.


Flavor and satisfaction.

For the first time all adult smokers get the best of vapor - rich and nuanced flavor with deeply satisfying nicotine impact. Our USA-made formulations are powered at a cigarette-rivaling 25 watts and controlled to perfection by XOLO's unique X-VCU chipset. XOLO's automatic activation does all the work for a perfect vape. Puff after puff.

Pod almighty.
Biggest pod ever.

XOLO's super-compact design endows a huge 9.5ml capacity pod, without compromising on compactness. At 10 times the size of other pods, most users will get between 3 and 7 days use from one pod. Big on convenience; small on hassle; unrivalled low cost and wastage.

All day long.
At the very least.

Gone are the days of multiple charging sessions and vapes that run out on you. We embedded a 2000mAh battery, 6 times the capacity of other systems. XOLO will last you a day at least, perhaps much longer. And, when you do need to recharge, it takes just 45 minutes with our integrated USB-C quickcharge.

Dr. Taman Powell
Oliver Kershaw

10 years ago,
Taman tried an e-cigarette

It was rubbish. But it made him curious. He started researching the different products and after much trial, error and some quite horrible experiences he managed to put together a device that delivered a great vapor experience. It was amazing, but it was complicated and took time, effort and knowledge to make it happen. And even then, it often didn’t work.

He wanted this vape experience without the hassle. He wanted smokers to be able to experience what he had discovered, without having to go through the process he had. He started to develop a new product. A product that delivered the nicotine smokers needed with the amazing flavours that were possible. In a device that was small, light and lasted all day.

XOLO is that product.

10 years ago,
Oliver founded ECF

It was the place where early users discussed and developed their ideas. The place where vaping was born. Today, ECF is the most visited vaping site in the world.

Oliver believed the forum would be a short lived affair with breakthrough products making it redundant in a couple of years. But this didn’t happen.

Oliver and Taman met at a vape event in London. He tried a XOLO prototype. He realised this was the product that he'd been looking for and he joined the team.