About XOLO

How do I start using XOLO?

How should I puff on XOLO?

XOLO's logo LED light indicator

Charging XOLO

How do you know what the optimal vape experience is?

OK, so what does “last all day” mean?

About XOLOpods

Do you do pods with less than 25mg nicotine?

Do XOLOpods contain nicotine salts?

Can I refill the pods?

Are 25mg XOLOpods really equivalent to 150 cigarettes?

How much will it cost me to use XOLO?


The blue light keeps flashing when I’m puffing and the vapor is inconsistent/thin/there’s no vapor

There is liquid inside XOLO, on the pod or mouthpiece.

XOLO’s light is flashing red and I can’t get it to work.