A diary for the beginning of the ending of smoking cigarettes using the Xolo vape device.

Day 1.
First off, I felt like an interloper - or at least a guinea pig - when the Xolo team asked me to experiment with the Xolo Vape device with the intent to see how long - or if at all - it would take me to give up smoking cigarettes. On average I’ve smoked 20 a day for 30 years. Something, anything, to help the cause. I’d tried to quit many times and occasionally would stop for a while but the demon addict’s voice would come back and grasp my soul with the powerful desire to ‘just have the one’,  ’I’m a bit stressed - I need a cigarette.’ Or more often than not “God, I’d love a smoke.’

I’ve had enough. My inside of my lungs must look like the semi-solid tarry residue normally found in discarded oil barrels. Yes, time to try to stop or I’ll die young of cancer, emphysema, bronchitis or heart disease, all this without having had a decent erection for a decade. A bad way to go; an early disappointing death.

I’ve read all the 100% success-rate books, tried hypnotism, will power, fear, chest pain-induced paranoia but nothing worked.

And the culture of vaping seemed vapid: trendy, flash-in-the-pan, nerdy and somewhat embarrassing. All those plaid-shirted beardies billowing cinnamon clouds behind them annoying and confusing the pedestrians that walked in their wake. The Macbook obsessive in the corner of the coffee shop disappearing behind a waft of vanilla-smelling fog. The new-breed but already seasoned vaper opening a neatly packed kitchen drawer full of tubes and valves and pods and vials. So dull, so weird, so pointless.
I always thought that the vapour you inhale must be bad for you or vaping would have taken the place of smoking tobacco years ago. I was wrong.