About XOLO

XOLO is Vaping, Without the Pain

Vaping is amazing. Real vape doesn't imitate smoking, it supersedes it. The vapor volume and breadth of wondrous flavors that modern vaping products produce has created an experience better than smoking. 

XOLO gives this experience but without the mess and without the hassle of tanks and coils. Just open the box and vape.

XOLO is All day, every day

You need a device that won't let you down. So we designed XOLO to last a whole day on a single charge. For most people, it will be even longer than this. 

XOLO is Compact and Light

Our super compact form factor means XOLO is as light as it's possible for a performance vape to be. Weighing in at 92 grams, XOLO is a quarter of the weight of equivalent devices

XOLO is Very Big Pods

Our industry leading pods contain a staggering 9.5ml, giving you both the lowest cost per ml of any complete vape system, not to mention unbeatable long-lasting convenience.

XOLO is Beautiful

XOLO is a discreet, ambiguous product with an iconic design. Available in three neutral colors, each with a stylish matte finish, XOLO is a first in vape: a super-contemporary luxury item: Conceived by vapers, realised in London by internationally renowned industrial designers.

With one satisfying click, XOLO is ready to vape.